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  • Modernism Hits Palm Springs! Vintage Trailer Show Featured Event!

    Modernism lovers and those who appreciate all things vintage, check out the 2011 Palm Springs Modernism Week.

    Highlighting the fabulous desert Modernist style, any who are fans of Le Corbusier, Frey, Neutra and the other midcentury modernist architects will love this sixth annual week long celebration of Modernism in the Cailfornia Desert.

    Expect to see Silver Streak, Spartan, and Airstream trailers. Sponsored in part by the Airstream factory, (puzzling as to why, considering the state of the new Airstreams) there will surely be plenty of vintage aluminum at the Vintage Trailer Show scheduled for 3 days including interior tours- Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    For more info and links to fab places to stay like the Orbit In, see the site here: www.modernismweek.com

    For schedules, go direct to the schedule page- http://www.modernismweek.com/schedule/2_26_sat.htm#

    Good luck to all who sponsor and attend this wonderful event! Your VAF Team